About Us

About Us


Set in a two-hectare lot in the City of Seven Lakes, Sulyap Gallery Cafe, Boutique Hotels and Restaurant reimagines the Filipino cultural heritage through traditional Filipino Cuisine and historical Antillan architectures.

Sulyap’s main attraction is its famous gallery cafe and restaurant which offers traditional Filipino Cuisine and beverages. Its most popular food include San Pablo City’s native and traditional dishes ‘kulawo’ which is made out of either eggplant or puso ng saging and ‘pinayti’ which is made out of micro-shrimps from Lake Palakpakin cooked in coconut milk. The gallery cafe and restaurant, nested in two of the five restored casa in Sulyap – Casa San Juan and Casa Cabay, has been awarded as the best and cleanest restaurant in Laguna for two consecutive years now.

As Sulyap is also a bed and breakfast, it is known for its colonial era hotel architectures. Four of its five restored casa are perfect for an overnight stay for travelers and tourists. Casa Obando, Casa Alitagtag, Casa Del Remedio, and a portion of Casa San Juan will give you a glimpse of the past with its classical design of capiz shell windows, hardwood flooring, wooden furnitures, among many others. Hotel guests can also enjoy a cool dip in Sulyap’s swimming pool situated at the end of the lot’s vibrant garden.

Meanwhile, just across the cafe and restaurant is the elegant Sulyap Museum. The museum, which is divided in four sections, houses hundreds of antique collections from wooden furnitures, ceramics, to religious artifacts. A tour inside the museum guarantees a full glimpse of a lived experience during the colonial era through the antique objects displayed all throughout the museum building.

Just beside the Sulyap Museum is a grand function hall which shares the same classical vibe and design. Different sorts of events, from weddings to parties, can be organized inside the hall.

Sulyap Cafe, Boutique Hotels and Restaurant is open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Reservations and bookings can be done by contacting (049) 562-9740, (049) 562-9735 and sulyap.net@gmail.com.

Welcome to Sulyap. A taste of the past is a taste like no other.